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the private reptile breeder homepage by Daniel Spohn
specialized in desert-dwelling reptile species

nerdherps means two things to me

First, it's all about your not everyday reptile species. Herpetoculture is more than corn snakes, leopard geckos and bearded dragons (and their various morphs).There are a lot more nerdy species out there for people not just having a reptile pet. Herps known only by the real enthusiast who wants to learn everything about rare reptile species and conserve them in captivity. Right, herps for reptile nerds.

Second, to me nerdherps is an acronym that stands for Natural Enclosed & Reared Desert herps. I try to keep my animals in habitat-like enclosures under natural conditions rather than in a rack on paper towels with artificial plants and hides. And they are bred and reared in the same way. No slitting of eggs for pre-hatching assist, no sterile cages for hatchies, no forcefeeding, no strict time schedule for feeding intervals and so on. This guarantees to get stronger animals which will lead to stronger species that are in the end easier to keep.

thanks for visiting nerdherps, stay tuned!
kind regards
Daniel Spohn


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